If you know Michael Jackson, you definitely know his album Thriller which was released in 1982, and if you know Thriller, it is not possible to not know about one of the most famous songs from this album which also won 2 Grammy Awards called Billie Jean. Michael once said that when he wrote this song, he knew from that time only that it will be a hit. Well, can we really blame him for being confident about one of his finest works? Certainly not! We all are well aware that the song got really famous and people anticipated a lot of things about who this character of Billie Jean could be and whether it is real or not and if it is completely or partly associated with Jackson’s life. However, apart from all of these things, another association with the song came not when it was released but when Michael performed it for a live audience for a Television special called Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, forever in 1983. Yes, you guessed it, we are talking about the famous Michael Jackson Billie Jean Sequin Jacket that has been as famous as the song itself!

MJ’s well-known designers, Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush have told the audiences how he was very much invested in his looks and how Tompkins also mentioned how MJ used to sit with him while designing the dress. This is quite evident by this jacket as well, as Michael not only wears it but rather owns his style, and that can only be done with utmost honestly when you are invested in the process! This is why even after decades; his fans would love to follow his style and we are dedicated to fulfilling their wish! Hence, we present you the most loved designs of MJ from the most loved song, yes, the Billie Jean Sequin Jacket is now available for you to acquire!


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