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Everything Reduced But The Thrill

Celebrating 10 years of Excellence!!

Since its inception in January 2013, The Leathership has become the preferred choice for global, style-conscious shoppers. Offering a range of new and stylish arrivals, shopping at The Leathership ensures an elevation of your fashion sense to the next level.

The Leathership specializes in presenting custom, hand-stitched 100% pure leather jackets and coats of the finest quality to customers in the USA, UK, Australia, and worldwide. Proudly owned and managed in the UK, we boast one of the best and technically proficient teams dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction at our production units.

The Leathership is a subsidiary of ARCOTIC SOLUTIONS LTD, indicating that it is operated by ARCOTIC SOLUTIONS LTD. ARCOTIC SOLUTIONS LTD is officially registered with the UK government, listed as a private limited company with the Company Registration Number #15387305.